Workflow optimizer

Mark and administer 
all of your craft entries.

Developed for

Big and complex websites
Many editors and translators
Multilingual websites
Many adaptions

Enhance your Craft CMS experience with Workflow optimizer, the ultimate plugin designed to streamline your content management process. Whether you're working on translations, prioritizing tasks, or simply organizing your entries, Workflow optimizer has got you covered.

Easy and effortless entry marking.


Effortlessly mark section entries to streamline collaboration and content organization.


  • Mark various entries
  • Mark entries for mutliple sites and languages

All entries at a glance.


Manage your dashboard with a fast overview, ensuring a streamlined user experience. Create widgets with ease and enjoy the convenience of all languages supported, providing a versatile and accessible platform for your content management needs.


  • Fast dashboard overview
  • Easy widget creation
  • All languages supported

Perfect overview.


Experience swift and intuitive content management with a quick overview and seamless sidebar integration. Slightly handle and organize all entries at your fingertips.


  • Fast and easy overview
  • Sidebar integration
  • All entries manageable

Smart Settings.


Unlock versatility with the ability to enable multiple sections, facilitating organized content management. Take control of your user experience by effortlessly managing the position of each section in the sidebar.


  • Enable multiple sections
  • Manage position in sidebar

Connected with

TinyMCE editor field
The TinyMCE plugin adds the TinyMCE field type to Craft CMS. This provides a rich WYSIWYG editor powered by TinyMCE.
Translation helper
Show the original text of your entry when translating the entry.
ChatGPT for editors
The plugin revolutionizes text editing in Craft CMS by harnessing the power of ChatGPT.
Workflow optimizer

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