Translation helper

Displays the original text of your translation on the same page.

Developed for

Any website
Better Quality Assurance
Simple comparability
Boost in Productivity

Show the original text of your entry when translating the entry.

Overview of the languages you use.


Decide for yourself and for each translation language from which language the original text should be displayed. Minimize translation errors and maintain consistency across your multilingual website/s.


  • Control over the languages used
  • Minimize translation errors

Original Text Reference.


Keep the essence of your content intact. This plugin displays the original text right on the translation page, ensuring you never lose sight of context. Save valuable time by eliminating the need for constant context switching between original and translated content.


  • Quick reference
  • Switch between original and translated content

Use the editor you want.


A variety of editors, including Plain Text, Redactor, TinyMCE, and CKEditor, all currently available for seamless integration. Stay tuned for more editor options as we continue to expand.


Connected with

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Translation helper

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