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Add the TinyMCE field
to your editor.

Developed for

Any website
Easy integration
Rich WYSIWYG editor
Link features

The TinyMCE Plugin adds a „TinyMCE“ field type to Craft CMS. This provides a rich WYSIWYG editor that is powered by TinyMCE.


You can add multiple custom configurations to your TinyMCE field and change the appearance of your TinyMCE field with custom css formats.

Use the editor however you like.


Unlock a seamless editing experience with Full TinyMCE integration, allowing easy customization through personalized styles like H1. Explore endless possibilities with comprehensive configuration options for a tailored content creation journey.


  • Full TinyMCE integration
  • Easy to add custom styles (H1, ...)
  • All configuration possibilities

Customize and Connect.


Elevate your linking capabilities with custom link classes, enabling you to add a personalized touch to your website's navigation. Seamlessly navigate multi-site links and anchor links, enhancing user experience and providing efficient content navigation across your platform.


  • Custom link classes
  • Multi site links
  • Anchor links

Advanced Connections.


Use advanced link integration with seamless navigation for your content. Expand your website's functionality with additional data attribute fields for an enriched user experience.


  • Advanced link integration
  • Additional data attribute fields

Connected with

Translation helper
Show the original text of your entry when translating the entry.
ChatGPT for editors
The plugin revolutionizes text editing in Craft CMS by harnessing the power of ChatGPT.
Workflow optimizer
Mark and highlight various section entries to ensure smooth collaboration and efficient workflow.
TinyMCE editor field

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