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Who are we?

We are based in Linz, Austria and are a dedicated team comprising analysts, programmers, and designers. With 25 years of collective experience, we bring a profound understanding of technical solutions fused with sales expertise. Our team is driven by curiosity and empathy, making us a formidable partner in both B2B and B2C sectors.

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What do we do with Craft CMS?

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Our experts develop individual solutions that perfectly fit your requirements. Optimize your workflows and increase efficiency. Trust in our experience and let us realize your ideas together.

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Discover the exclusivity of our own Craft CMS plugins. Tailored to your needs, they offer innovative solutions to optimize your website. Learn how our plugins can take your digital experience to new levels.

What we have already implemented.

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ChatGPT for editors
The plugin revolutionizes text editing in Craft CMS by harnessing the power of ChatGPT.
Workflow optimizer
Mark and highlight various section entries to ensure smooth collaboration and efficient workflow.
Translation helper
Show the original text of your entry when translating the entry.

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Compatibility of our plugins.

Shape the future of Craft CMS plugins with us.


Our plugins are not only perfectly coordinated with each other, but also strive for smooth integration with various editors. Our goal is not only to operate within our own borders, but also to promote extensive networking with other developers and partners.


Let's work together!

abm stands for error-free and sensibly networked plugins.

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Integrates advanced technologies such as DeepL and Google Translate for your content for first-class text translations.


ChatGPT Integration

Effortlessly generate text based on your keywords and specifications.


Issuu / Yumpu Integration

Transform static pdf and word documents into dynamic flipbooks.

Our plugins are all Craft 5 compatible, and we are continually committed to ensuring that they continue to work with the latest versions in the future.